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When Mother Nature gives you the day off for your birthday, you’re rollin’ into thirty-six #likeaboss #evennumberyear #newbeginnings #thankful #ihatetoread #beyourbestauthenticself #withgrace
Working tirelessly to get our first shipment of tees out! This process is so invigorating! There’s nothing more exciting than packaging a product for your own business. 📦💕 #womeninbusiness #sales
Spring is known for its showers and flowers, but is also recognized as a season of renewal and birth. It’s always been a very meaningful and purposeful time of year for me, and this year I’m feeling new purpose and inspiration throughout my entire being. “Spring is a time to find out where you are, who you are, and move toward where you are going” -Penelope Trunk ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography By @joylynphoto
💓🌷💓 #firstdayofspring #springbliss
Every now and then you have to look inward for the strength that you forgot you had. Return to form, rise up or be swallowed whole. No one knows your experiences or your value. It's all up to you to make sure you know who you are and What you worth. Loving and accepting who you are at your worst brings out your best you ever!!!! It's harvest time, I'm getting everything I's awesome! #letsgetit #allaboutgrowth #lifeslessons #growandglow #allsmiles #iam #watchme #mylovetoyou #makeithappen #withgrace #onelifetolive #noholdingback #maintain #mentalhealth #spiritualgrowth #emotionalstability #loveislife #lifeisliving
😍 New baby gear in stock at the @bikestopoutpost #borntoride #wildchild #discoverstc #withgrace
Some new goodies at the @bikestopoutpost !! Stop in and see for yourself! #bikestopoutpost #discoverstc #withgrace
🌻🌹🌷🌵 #bloom #spring #withgrace #always
How peaceful does she look 😩❤️ #newbornphotography #newborn #newbornphotos #withgracephotography #withgrace #babyphotography #baby #newbornphotographer #babyphotographer #newbornbaby #instababy #surreynewbornphotographer #londonnewbornphotographer #babygirl #lovephotography #capturedmoments #newbornsession #photography
I love a good forward fold. I love how the exhales guide the let go here. My shoulders can collapse and the tension in my neck gives up. It makes me feel so free. So still. All at once. • #yoganoteverydamnday #whenitfeelsgood #forwardfold #butterflyfold #namasteallday #exhale #yoga #loveyoga #withgrace
Exciting news! We're so pleased to announce that LouLou's Boutique (in Cincy, OH) will be hosting a fundraiser benefiting With Grace B. Bold on Saturday, April 14th from 10:30am - 3pm! Mark your calendars! A day devoted to shopping for a cause! ✨ 20% of the proceeds benefit With Grace B. Bold. We would love for you to join us for this special event! -RSVP on Instagram by sending me a DM- -FB event invite coming soon!- @shoploulous
Fear is to a great extent born of a story we tell ourselves. We fear failure. We fear what others might think. We even fear success. This blocks us from being our most authentic selves and from accessing our own power source. . One of my favorite documentaries is Finding Joe. It’s about answering the call from the Universe to do what you’re here to do. Sometimes the call might come as a gentle knock but if we don’t listen it might come as a blow from a sledgehammer. You might loose a job, be faced with a divorce, face death, be in an accident or get really sick. . My call came when I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic 1,5 years ago. At first I aligned with fear but now I’m filled with the outmost gratitude for it. The diagnosis has taught me many things. It really made me ask whether I am living to my fullest potential. It made me muster courage to quit my job and to pursue a different path. It made me work through a lot of fears incuding admitting publicly that I had a chronic illness. It made me love more... . Yoga teaches us a lot about life. Inversions test our willingness to fall (fail). We fear the fall, we make it bigger than it is. But with every fall we come closer to succeeding. We just have to have the courage to conquer the fear by moving through it. And although the fear is there every time, it becomes easier and easier to do so. 🌟 . Today is Day 1 of the #TheUpsideDownType challenge. Thanks for playing with us! 💕 . Hosts: @azures.positive @myyogalife_anna @diabeticyogini @haley_nickel @lauren_bongiorno _ Sponsors: @malaprayer – beautiful mala. Use BETHEKEY20 for 20% off @jainawear – gorgeous leggings @ihavethesugars – diabetes t-shirt @frominsidethetoadsbelly – medical ID necklace in silver @jiggy_yoon – Vulnerability is Dope t-shirt _ Day 1. Downdog/Handstand - Conquering Fear Day 2. Dolphin/Pincha - Strength and surrender Day 3. Forward fold/Headstand - Clarity of mind Day 4. Arm balance/Standing balance - Focus Day 5. Lotus (inverted, arm balance or regular)
Gudmorning fanz it's a great feeling to be with happy people_@regina.daniels @anita_okoye @teammercyokojie @vicky_da_diva @bestmoviesproductions #Ourstyleisthebestandweknow#standard#gentlestyle#withgrace#
When people make rude or offensive comments to you and you feel the urge to react, remember that those comments actually have nothing to do with you. Those people are expressing themselves in the only way they know how so let them be. When in doubt, say “thank you” and move on your merry way. The confusion alone will make them react instead but that is not your problem. 😬 Many years ago I remember watching a half Korean stand up comedian tell a story about the first time he was called a “chink” when he was a kid. He had no idea what it was so he smiled and said “thank you!” Take every comment as a compliment and power up. We can all be like Forrest Gump and use our innocence as our superpower. Have a superb rest of your day! 😬😜👍😊🙌💪 #superpower #powerup #dontreact #actnotreact #bethechange #powerofinnocence #innocence #forrestgump #letitbounceoff #focusonyourself #travelinward #finddepth #godeep #becomebetter #betherock #compassion #empathy #gratitude #thankyou #withgrace #holdyourtongue #bemindful #findpeace #wecandobetter #icandobetter #beyourbest #believeyoucan #makechoices #love #freedom
Our tees and prints have officially arrived! Right on time! We're working on packaging our tees, and aim to have them shipped by the end of the week!! We're still waiting on a few survey responses to collect addresses for our signed thank you's, and aim to have those shipped by the end of the week as well. Things are moving right along! We're waiting on the shipment of our size set for The ANN ELIZABETH and The EILEEN, and once that's approved we'll be placing our order for our production run. Almost there! As soon as we receive our size set and send our approvals, I'll be posting another update with size guides, timeframes, and next steps. This is all so exciting!! I love productive Sunday's! If you have any questions at all throughout this process, please don't hesitate to reach out. And as always, thank you for your continued support!