11.12.2017 - 6 monts ago
THEMACWIRE:THE GLORIOUS CORNER REVIEW —“”GOOD ‘n SCREWED IN BROOKLYN —by G.H.Harding : Joanna Bonaro’s delightful TV-pilot Good ‘n Screwed received its Brooklyn-premier Friday night at the 2017 American Filmatic Arts Awards; winning in the Best Woman Filmmaker in short screenwriting and Best Ensemble Cast/Short. Though we’ve seen the pilot before, on their massive screen Friday night, we picked up some nuances and plot points we missed before. Bonaro has written just a delightful and insightful tale of her character Nina and her sudden divorce after 40. Her sister, played by the spot-on Suzanne H. Smart, and Robert Funaro (Carmello) are just terrifically developed characters. For Funaro, who usually plays the so-called enforcer in a Vinyl or American Gangster; this romantic twist on his character is just sensational. Bonaro told me that having worked with Funaro before, she always knew he had this side and seeing it finally on the big screen, he’s perfect. Warren Bub (Father Anthony) and Anna Whitty (Mia) are standouts too. Also, the great Armen Garo as Jack is sensational as well. The Gotham and Vinyl performer delivers a rich performance; certainly up there with his best work. Ernest Mingione as the cigar-shop man, delivers as well. We also met up with the director Kelli K. Barnett, who to my mind has directed a pretty perfect pilot. We also met the show’s composer Harold Stephan, who delivers some strong work. The entire cast posed for the accompanying photo by Jeff Smith. Also, on hand was the show’s PR-man David Salidor who told me the show is currently being shopped at the networks and the cablenets. Bonaro told me she has already scripted the entire first season and there are some major surprises and names attached. No question: this should be on. Great night. @goodnscrewed #tvseries official poster, #tvpilot #thebestlaidplans #gracegutsgratitude #withgrace #mom ❤️ #nycdating #lovelife #cast #crew #originalcontent #originalconcept #crew #tellingstories #comingsoon
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